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Experience Wireless Charging Technology Workshop (Trial Run)
(To build your own wireless charging demo!) Read more
科大鼓勵「動手做」 培養「小小工程師」 Read more
We will deliver the following interesting DIY STEM workshops at HKUST booth.
– Electric bicycle
– Solar fan
– Worm robot
– Graffiti robot
– Solar car
– Hand-cranked electric generator Read more
PCB Soldering Workshop
(To build your own electronic piano!) Read more
We will deliver the following three interesting mini-workshops at our booth.
- AI Teachable machine demo
– Smart Car driving through obstacles
– Hand-driven Generator Read more
(1) Bright Future Cup 2023 Award List - Secondary School Division
(2) Bright Future Cup 2023 Award List - Primary School Division   Read more
Engineering Carnival 2023
With a mission to promote Engineering and STEAM education, the Academy for Bright Future Young Engineers, HKUST has prepared a half-day program packed with many seminars, workshops, and fun activities. You can play a Robo-soccer match with your friends and don’t forget to enjoy the Bright Future Cup 2023 matches.   Read more
(1) Research project - Video presentation
(2) Research project - Poster presentation   Read more
(1) Mini-electrical Motor Workshop (小型電動機工作坊)
(2) Wind Turbines and Renewable Energy Workshop (風力發電與再生能源科學工作坊)
(3) Graffiti Robot DIY (塗鴉機械人DIY) Read more
We would like to invite your school to participate in "Bright Future Cup 2023 - Robo-soccer Competition", which is co-organized by EDB STEM Education Centre, ATEC and Academy for Bright Future Young Engineers, HKUST. The competition offers a great opportunity for S.1 to 5 students to experience design thinking and quick prototyping by building their own team of soccer robots and competing with other participating teams. Read more